Dear Xblitz Customers,
together with the dynamic development of our company on the Polish market and dominating the segment of car recorders, our Xblitz brand has reached another threshold of development in which the logo mark rebranding. In 2018, we started a dynamic expansion of foreign markets by signing trade agreements with the largest distributors of consumer electronics and suppliers of automotive parts guaranteeing the broadband sale of our goods.

Today, the Xblitz brand is a determinant of quality, which has become our hallmark like modern design and highly valued functionality – awarded at many prestigious ceremonies. In February we will also take care of the equipment for the youngest users of our brand, introducing a completely new line of products, which we will talk about soon. The development plan of the Xblitz brand in 2018-2021 assumes a significant expansion of its operations on the international and external borders of Europe, where the strategy of quality improvement and control will remain the main standard.

Our products are always created in response to the needs and expectations of new and loyal users.