Car camera from prestigious brand Xblitz will let you enjoy the safe and peaceful drive. There will be no more unexpected situations on the road. Essential when it comes to both holiday journeys and everyday life routes.

Where to buy?

Available on: www.x-kom.pl

Why to use Xblitz X5 Wi-Fi car camera?

  • A real evidence during the overlaps, car accidents, arguable situations
  • Quick and proficient fix of the accident causer
  • Lack of witnesses is no longer a problem
  • Versatility: tape recorder, video camera, shooting camera
  • Possibility of recording different road violations
  • Possibility of recording unpredictable sitches


WDR: Thanks to the use of adequate exposure algorithms we may now carefully register the scene despite the high picture contrast. This function provides dynamic change of underexposed andoverexposed pixels into the most optimal image.



Wi-Fi: The camera may be configured with the smartphone, which makes the usage much more comfortable, especially meanwhile driving.



Parking mode: When the car engine is off, the camera will turn into rest mode. Within the moment of the bonk, the camera will turn on automatically and starts recording. After 15-30 seconds, the device will turn off automatically again.


G-sensor: provides safety in case of the accident and prevent from overwriting the crucial record.



Xblitz X5 WI-FI
Processor NTK96658
Sensor Sony IMX323
Screen 2,45 inches
View angle 140°
G-Sensor Yes
Night vision Yes
Parking mode Yes
Video resolution 1920 x 1080P @ 30 fps, 1280 x 720P @ 30 fps
Video file format MOV, H.264
Photo file format JPG
Photo resolution 12M
Memory card microSD, up to 32GB capacity, FAT32
Slots Mini USB 2.0
Loop recording Yes
Audio Built-in microphone / speaker
Power supply internal battery / car charger 12V-24V
Battery 200 mA, lithium-ion
Motion detector Yes
Dimensions / weight 100mm x 65mm x 30mm / 75g

Device supports FAT32 file system!
It is advised to format the memory card used with the device to the FAT32 file system.

The set contains:

– Xblitz X5 WI-FI car camera
– Car charger with the wire
– USB wire
– User’s manual
– Memory card reader

 The manufacturer does not guarantee the compatibility of the device with every version of Android and iOS.

If any problem with FinalCam app occured, please use LDCam application.

LuckyCam application.

Version for Android: DOWNLOAD
Version for iOS: DOWNLOAD