Xblitz Trust


Xblitz Trust car camera is the first one of its kind from Xblitz offer, which uses a super capacitors technology.

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Available on: www.x-kom.pl

Car camera, which inspires trust

Thanks to the use of modern technology of super capacitors and advanced optical solutions, the Xblitz Trust car camera is a device that inspires confidence. The camera lens is equipped with a set of six glazed lenses and a polarizing filter. This provides unparalleled image quality in all conditions. And thanks to the compact housing, the video recorder does not limit the driver’s field of seight.


Xblitz Trust car camera captures images in Full HD quality using the advanced Sony IMX323 sensor. An additional control over the picture quality is enabled thanks to the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, which is responsible for raising up the contrasts – thanks to which the video has richer and more saturated colors.


Lens of the Xblitz Trust car camera registers the image in the range of 170°. This is a much larger angle than in standard lenses of car cameras. This allows you to register a wider scene in front of the vehicle and thereby record more details from your route. Xblitz Trust car camera is also equipped with a polarizing filter that allows you to eliminate glare lights from the windows of other vehicles and provides easier identification of the driver.


The camera has been automated for starting and stopping the recording without the intervention of the driver. After connecting Xblitz Trust to the car cigarette lighter – the recording will start automatically after the ignition and stop a few seconds after its turning off.


Xblitz Trust obtains an innovative internal power supply system based on built-in super capacitors, which stably sustain the camera operations in the final work mode.

Super capacitors have much longer lifespan than any conventional battery power supply. They bear very well high and low temperatures appearing in the car cabin. Xblitz Trust car camera is the first product from Xblitz of this kind, where modern super capacitors system was applied.


The camera is equipped with a 1.5 “ readable display, which allows you to preview the recording in real time, as well as browsing archived files.

Info about camera working mode.


Mini HDMI and mini USB ports are located on the side walls of the camera, which provides an easy access.

Diagonal of the display 1.5 inches allows for image preview during recording and browsing already saved video files.

On the rear panel there are also located convenient to use functional buttons used for the camera maintenance.


The G-sensor function is responsible for safeguarding key data at the moment of collision or sudden braking. Camera will automatically prevent video files (from the nearest timeframe) that will not be overwritten if you continue the recording function from being deleted.


Xblitz Trust has a built-in microphone and speaker – thanks to which the sound registration from inside of the car is possible. This could represent an additional documentation of the traffic situation. The audio recording function can be simply turned off from the camera menu level.


Model: Xblitz Trust

Processor: NTK 96658
Sensor: Sony IMX323
Screen: 1.5″
View angle: 170°
Lens: 6G
HDR: Yes
Video resolution: max. 1920x1080P
File format: *.MP4
Filter: Yes (Polarizing)
Memory card: MicroSD up to 128GB (class 10th)
Ports: mini HDMI, mini USB
Loop recording: Yes
Audio: Built-in microphone / speaker
Power supply: USB 5V / 1.5A (Super capacitors)
The set contains: Xblitz Trust car camera, polarizing filter, car charger, user’s manual, USB wire, suction grip, microSD memory card reader.


Device supports FAT32 file system!
It is advised to format the memory card used with the device to the FAT32 file system.