With Xblitz SL4 PRO taking selfie gets even more pleasant! Try new, telescopic selfie stick with tripod, rotating 3D head and bluetooth remote control.


Selfie stick Xblitz SL4 PRO

Selfie stick Xblitz SL4 PRO – discover new possibilities of selfie!
Thanks to the rotating 3D head you will set your smartphone in an ideal position without any problems. Surprisingly long (69,5cm!) telescopic arm will let you set the best frame for your pictures. What is more, bluetooth remote control enables the movie recording or taking a perfect selfie after setting your smarphone on the tripod of the selfie stick.
Selfie stick Xblitz SL4 PRO is much more than usual product of this kind. Find out yourself!

[Selfie stick SL4 PRO]

Telescopic selfie stick with rotating head, tripod and bluetooth remote control. Ensures stable and steady grip for any smartphone. Possess built-in mounting screw 1/4″, which enables installation of sport cameras of any kind as well as the various range of compact cameras with classic photo thread.


Xblitz SL4 PRO – selfie stick designed for people looking for certain product serving for many years. It is made from sustainable aluminium alloy mixed with high quality plastic details. 3D head may operate in 3 different axes, which enables not only taking panoramic pictures, but also recording in difficult conditions.


More independent pictures? No problem! Bottom part of the Xblitz SL4 PRO selfie stick hides in itself an unfolding, practical tripod. Such configuration enbles usage of the stable, light tripod. This is why Xblitz SL4 PRO is an irreplaceable tool for e.g. YouTubers and travellers.

Perfect for personal recordings, YouTube productions or talks via video-chat!

Thanks to them the tripod stays grippy and keeps the stability on smooth surface.


Xblitz SL4 PRO selfie stick – equipped with bluetooth remote control, which enables taking pictures and recording remotely, e.g. when we want to take an attractive selfie with friends.

Remote control configuration is simple and easy – all you need to do is turn on the Bluetooth funciton in your smartphone.

Xblitz SL4 PRO has remote pilot which is extracted from the handle.

Battery of remote control may be loaded by built-in micro USB port.


Xblitz SL4 PRO – possess rotating screw mount 1/4″, which enables installation of sport cameras as well as wide range of compact cameras equipped with classic photo thread.


Telescopic arm of Xblitz SL4 PRO – is made from sustainable aluminium alloys. Unfolded to the very end attains a maximum length at 69,5cm. Folded and prepared for transportation takes only 20,5cm.


Model: Xblitz SL4 PRO

Bluetooth: 3.0
Length after unfolding: 69,5 cm
Length after folding: 20,5 cm
Width: 43 mm
Min. spacing of the handle: 55 mm
Max. spacing of the handle: 87 mm
Phone holder: Yes, all-purpose 360°
Mounting screw: Yes, 1/4″
Materials: Aluminium alloy + high quality plastic details
The set contains: Selfie stick Xblitz SL4 PRO with tripod Bluetooth remote control, user’s manual
Package dimensions: 45 x 45 x 205 mm (225 mm with pendant)
Weight net / gross: 151g / 175g


If, after pairing the SL4 PRO with the phone, the device is not working properly:
-Set the volume button on your phone so that it so that it can be used as a snapshot.
-If you do not have access to these settings, download the “camera360” application


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