Xblitz See You

Xblitz See You Baby Monitor

Multifunctional, wireless video-nanny with remotely controlled camera.


When he sleeps, rests or plays, you can always watch over him. Xblitz See You electronic nanny will provide you with video, sound and temperature preview from your child’s room. Thanks to this solution you will know immediately when to react.

Xblitz See You –
an advanced electronic nanny that will always support you while taking care of your little child. The time of sleep or rest of the youngest are moments when you can focus on other activities. Until now it was not that easy.

Thanks to Xblitz See You you can safely move away from the child’s bedroom while constantly watching and controlling the situation in the room. The portable monitor will inform you about the ambient temperature, allow you to run a wide range of built-in lullabies, and in an emergency, it will even allow two-way communication.

We took care of everything – electronic nanny fitted to your interior.

Xblitz See You has a modern design that will fuse into the decor of your child’s room.


You have full insight into the situation in your children’s room. Baby monitor Xblitz See You allows you to obtain a real-time video preview.

All you have to do is to set the camera in a desired place and run a preview monitor.

The camera and the preview monitor have internal batteries, so you can use the baby monitor anywhere, without worrying about access to the socket outlet. In addition, Xblitz See You has a set of power adapters – both for the camera and the monitor. Our electronic baby monitor has been designed so that it can be used anywhere – even with temporary loss of connectivity.

Impressing video quality is provided by big, 3.4 inches LCD screen.


With Xblitz See You, you can monitor your child even more comfortably by setting the camera at any angle. The comfort of adjustment is ensured by a movable camera head that can be controlled remotely from the monitor.

Xblitz See You meets the expectations of mothers, that’s why it provides facilities when setting the camera through a rotating head. The head can be controlled remotely, thanks to which the child will never disappear from my mother’s eyes. In addition, the webcam has a universal design that will suit any room.


Xblitz See You has the function of two-way voice communication. This means that you can hear your child’s voice at any time and also talk to it.
Xblitz See You electronic nanny is also a functional sound transmission in both directions, which will work both with younger children and older ones. The parent’s voice always has a calming effect and will take care of the toddler before we reach the room.


When you leave the child’s room Xblitz See You baby monitor gives you all the important information, including the temperature.
Not only the picture tells us what is happening in the child’s room, but also the temperature is extremely important. Thanks to the thermometer,
which is part of the Xblitz See You camera, parent receives information about how to keep warm in the child’s room.

The maximum range given in the specification refers to the situation in which the device is located in an open space without obstacles and limit factors.

To estimate the actual range, you should consider reducing the range of obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver:
Brick damper: reduction of the range from 10 d0 40%
Wooden / gypsum obstacle: reduction of the range from 5 to 20%
An obstacle made of reinforced concrete: reduction of the range from 40 to 80%
Metal obstacle: reduction the range from 90 to 100%
Glass Obstruction: Reduction of the range from 10 to 20%

In addition, the reduction in the actual range may result in the presence of high power power lines as well as telephone transmitters located at a short distance from the device.


Model: Xblitz See You
Frequency 2400 – 2480 MHz
Working temperature  0°C up to 60°C
Acceptable humidity 20 % – 80%
Open space range up to 250 m
Model: Xblitz See You Camera
Sensor 1/4 CMOS
Battery life up to 1,5 h
Night vision range 3 – 5 m
Sound adjustment up to 60 dBA
Frames 25/s
Power supply DC 5V 1A
Dimensions 98 mm x 89 mm x 85 mm
Weight 205 g
Model: Xblitz See You Monitor
Screen TFT 3,5″
Screen resolution 320 x 240 px
Battery life up to 5 h
Power supply DC 5V 1A
Dimensions 125.2 mm x 90.3 mm x 23.1 mm
Weight 155 g


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