Car camera from prestigious brand Xblitz will let you enjoy the safe and peaceful drive. There will be no more unexpected situations on the road. Essential when it comes to both holiday journeys and everyday life routes. The set contains two cameras, the back one provides safe and comfortable reversion.

Where to buy?

Available on: www.x-kom.pl

Xblitz ParkView is characterized by the possibility of concurrent recording both front and back of the vehicle by two separated devices. Besides that, Full HD resolution provides clear and readable video even during the moment of the zoom. Xblitz ParkView is equipped with 4.3 inches LCD screen. Camera usage is facilitated by functional buttons and attached user’s manual.

Why to use Xblitz Park View car camera?

  • Real evidence in case of collisions or accidents
  • Helps to determine the perpetrator of a traffic accident quickly and correctly
  • Lack of witnesses is no longer a problem
  • Versatility: car camera, photo camera and tape recorder in one device
  • Ability to record unexpected incidents


High Resolution Video: FULL HD 1920x1080p , 30 fps. Registered picture may be easily replayed even on the high diagonal TV sets.

Solid Car Grip: The Camera contains stable and handy  fastening system. Strong sucker provides certain and sustainable assembly of the device.

Built-in Microphone: Very sensitive, registers the sound inside of the car. This function may be turned off.

Built-in Speaker: Sonic signals alert when pushing the buttons, playing videos recorded with sound.

Digital Zoom: Quadruple digital zoom is another function of the camera. Should be set before the recording.

Built-in Battery: Applied internal battery has a small capacity and serves to be active a few more minutes after the ignition is off.

SOS Function: Automatic save of the currently recorded file to prevent the moment from being overwrite / deleted. This function can be turned on by pushing the right button.

Parking Mode: When the car engine is off, the camera will turn into rest mode. Within the moment of the bonk, the camera will turn on automatically and starts recording. After 15-30 seconds, the device will turn off automatically again.

Materials: High quality, sustainable and resistant case made of metal, made from magnesium alloy. Aluminium detail work.

Dual Camera Front / Back: High resolution provides 1920x1080p full HD recording on the front camera and 640×480 resolution on the back camera.

3 in 1: The set contains driving mirror, front camera and reverse one. Three separated devices in one!

Motion Detector: The stand-by mode makes the camera analyze the view. If the picture dramatically changes due to the sudden move – the camera will start recording until the motion stops.

Automatic Start: The camera starts recording itself in the moment of ignition and stops recording itself when we turn off the car engine. The camera needs to be continuously connected to the car cigarette lighter power supply.

Loop Recording: One of the main and most important characteristics of the dashcameras. This function let us set the length of single video (2/3/5 minutes). Turning this option off indicates continuous video registration (not recommended). Maximum length of the video is limited by its format files – utmost 2GB.

Memory Card Maintenance: TransFlash – popular microSD memory cards, often used in cellphones. Recommended microSD card class – 10th. Maximum card capacity up to 32 GB.



Video resolution Front:
1920 x 1080p
1280 x 720p
720 × 480
Photo resolution 3M 2048 x 1536p
2M 1600 x 1200p
1M 1280 x 1024p
Video files format MOV / H264
Screen size 4.3 inches
Rotating screen No
Lens, view angle 140°, 1/4 color CMOS Sensor
Night Vision Yes
LEDs 2 x IR LEDs
Built-in microphone Yes
Built-in speaker Yes
Memory micro SD memory card up to 32GB capacity
Slots micro SD / mini USB / AV OUT
Motion detection Yes
Automatic start of recording Yes
Automatic screen saver Yes
Automatic shutdown Yes
Languages Polish, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Japan, Russian
Power supply internal battery / car charger 12V-24V
G-sensor Yes
GPS receiver No
Pilot No
Dual cam Yes
Rear camera Yes, automatic preview
3in1 !!! Car camera/ rear mirror/ Rear camera


Device supports FAT32 file system!
It is advised to format the memory card used with the device to the FAT32 file system.

The set contains:

– Xblitz Park View car camera
– Car charger
– Rear camera with the assembly wire
– User’s manual
– Suction-grip
– Memory card reader



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