Car camera Xblitz P500

Car camera Xblitz P500 is the first car recorder equipped with built-in air ionizer improving air quality inside your vehicle, and therefore increases comfort of travelling.

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Car camera Xblitz P500

Xblitz P500 car camera is the first car recorder with applied built-in air ionizer improving air quality inside your vehicle. Proper air ionizing has positive influence on mood and emotional state, and therefore increases comfort of travelling.

Magnetic holders

Another great advantage of this device are magnetic holders included in the set. Window-assembly provides quick and smooth-running disassembly of the camera. The set contains three different holders, two of them are intended for window installation and one intended to tripod installation. Car camera may be used in two separated vehicles.

Car camera with built-in air ionizer

The Xblitz P500 car camera is equipped with an efficient air ionizer. Its purpose is the improvement of physical conditions in the car’s cabin. The ionizer takes much less space in the car and does not disturb the driver during the ride, since it is located within the cameras handle. The purpose of the ionizer is the emission of negatively charged ions. The presence of negative ions is benefitial for health and comfort of the driver.

In almost every car there is a high concentrations of positive ions, produced by cars electronics. The electonic devices are radaiting a high amount of positive ions, which are, due to their properities, attracting dust particles and pathogens, making them float in the air for a longer time. Such situation may lead to deterioration of mood, degradation of body’s immunity, nervousness or even increasing the risk of bacterial or viral infection.

Negatively charged ions generated by air ionizer are neutralizing the positive ionization, making the polluting particles fall on the ground. Neutralized ions cease to harm our mood, and the presence of negatively charged ions improves the drivers concentration!

Air ionization has considerable impact on the quality of a trip, and improves the driving safety.

Optic sensor SONY IMX 323

Xblitz P500 is equipped with modern optic sensor SONY IMX 323 allowing for recording even in most demanding conditions. Sensitive and precise sensor guarantees car camera will never let you down.

Wide-angle lens 150° F2.0

In case of purchasing car camera it is essential to pay particular attention whether the device provides registration of full width of the road or not. Xblitz P500 car camera is exactly that product which meets these requirements. Wide-angle lens provide field of view of 150°. Additionally, thanks to the F2.0 matrix an adequate amount of light reaches the sensor and therefore creates sharp, perfect quality picture.

Video recording Full HD 1080p

Application of highest quality optics and electronics allows Xblitz P500 for recording in Full HD resolution, what is equal to 1080p and that’s more than 2 millions of pixels! Car camera with this kind of picture resolution provides registration of even smallest details such as table plates of other cars.

Sensor Sony  IMX323
Lens glazed, f2.0
Lens Wide-angle 150°, 6-layers
Screen LCD  1.5 inches, resolution 480×240
Video resolution 1080p/30fps,  720p/30fps
Power supply car lighter socket 12V , built-in battery
Speaker Yes
Microphone Yes, sound recording
Memory card microSD up to 128GB (excluded)
Codec H.264  / MOV
Digital zoom quadruple
G-sensor Yes
Air ionizer Yes
Magnetic holder Yes
Working temperature -20 up to 70°C
Automatic start/stop Yes
Loop recording Yes
Parking mode Yes, car park monitoring


Device supports FAT32 file system!
It is advised to format the memory card used with the device to the FAT32 file system.



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