Xblitz Kinder is an advanced baby monitor with the camera, equipped with temperature and light sensor.

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Xblitz Kinder – advanced electronic nanny ready to support your baby’s care. Sleep or relax time are the moments, when you are able to focus on other important activities. Thanks to Xblitz Kinder you may safely drift away from your child’s crib and still have a constant obcervation over it. Remote monitor may be taken anywhere you want and will display the picture up to 50m indoors.


With Xblitz Kinder you may enjoy full preview of your baby’s room. Our baby monitor allows to watch the real-time video. All you have to do is place the camera in an adequate place, near to your baby’s crib and run the monitor (parent unit). Camera obtains internal network battery, which means it may work non-stop streaming the picture up to 260m in an open space! Monitor possess big, readable 3.2 inches LCD screen.


Xblitz Kinder possess two-ways communication function. This means not only constant hear out from your baby’s room, but also possibility to talk to them.
Xblitz Kinder also means functional voice transmission, which works for both children and teens. Parent’s voice always works relaxing and takes attention of your little baby before you enter its room.


Xblitz Kinder contain 8 integrated and programmed lullabies. Music is being displayed from the camera speaker located next to the baby’s crib. You may run them remotely via monitor (parent unit).


Model: Xblitz Kinder – Overall specification

Frequency: 2.4GHz
Modulation mode: GFS
Working temperature: -10°C up to 45°C
Acceptable humidity:<85%
Open space range: up to 260m
Xblitz Kinder – Camera

Sensor: 0.3MP CMOS
Minimal illumination: 0 lux (IR on)
Night vision range: up to 5m (15 feet)
Sensors: temperature, light
Dimensions: 67mm x 106mm x 67mm

Xblitz Kinder – Monitor

Screen: TFT 3,2″
Screen resolution: 320 x 240pix
Refreshing: every 20 fps
Internal battery: Li-Po (750mAh)
Dimensions: 120mm x 70mm x 17mm

The maximum range given in the specification refers to the situation in which the device is located in an open space without obstacles and limit factors.

To estimate the actual range, you should consider reducing the range of obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver:
Brick damper: reduction of the range from 10 d0 40%
Wooden / gypsum obstacle: reduction of the range from 5 to 20%
An obstacle made of reinforced concrete: reduction of the range from 40 to 80%
Metal obstacle: reduction the range from 90 to 100%
Glass Obstruction: Reduction of the range from 10 to 20%

In addition, the reduction in the actual range may result in the presence of high power power lines as well as telephone transmitters located at a short distance from the device.



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