Xblitz GO SE is a novelty on the market, characterized by enormously good video recordings, small size and perfect quality of the workmanship. All those aspects make this device out of competition within its price class! Highest quality materials – glazed lenses and elegant, aluminium details. The camera mixes two perfectly fulfilling each other areas – reliability and easy of use with advanced functions such as parking mode, wide-angle lenses and high resolution picture.

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Available on: www.euro.pl

The route recorder, a car camera of the renowned Xblitz brand will allow you a peaceful and safe journey. You will not be surprised by any unforeseen traffic situations. Essential both during long holiday trips and during everyday trips to work, to move around the city safely.

Why to use Xblitz GO SE car camera?

• evidence in case of accidents and collisions
• quick determination of the perpetrator of a road incident
• no witnesses are no longer a problem
• multi-functionality: dictaphone, camera and camera
• the possibility of reporting traffic offenses committed by other drivers
• possibility of recording unforeseen events

Model Xblitz GO SE is a novelty on the market, very good quality of recording and photos, small dimensions and excellent workmanship makes the camera out of the competition in its price class! The highest quality materials – a glass lens and elegant aluminum finishes. Reliable and refined, very simple maintenance, and at the same time advanced features such as parking monitoring mode, wide-angle lens 170 degrees or 1920 x 1080P, 30fps image resolution.



Photographs can be made in resolutions up to 12Mpx, which will allow for any use (printing, event analysis, reading license plates, road signs, etc.). The maximum image resolution is 4032×3024.



The internal (non-replaceable) battery has a small capacity, it is used to provide power for a few minutes after switching off the ignition.

Very sensitive, it records the sound inside the car, you can turn off the sound recording function.


The camera has a stable and comfortable mounting system for the vehicle window. Strong suction cup allows for safe and durable camera installation in the car.


The recorder starts automatically and starts recording when the car ignition is turned on, and automatically turns off after switching off the ignition (with a few seconds delay). The recorder must be connected to the cigarette lighter socket at all times, and the cigarette lighter socket must be energized when the ignition is switched on.


The camera has an extremely convenient mounting system for the vehicle window. Strong suction cup allows for safe and durable camera installation in the car. In addition, the bracket was equipped with a mini USB connector supplying the camera. This allows you to permanently connect power to the handles instead of directly to the camera. Therefore, getting out of the car you can quickly unplug the recorder from the holder.

DIGITAL ZOOM 4x digital zoom image (set it before recording).


One of the main and most important features of car DVRs, enabling this function allows you to set the length of recorded single video materials (2min, 3 minutes, 5 minutes). Disabling this option will cause continuous video recording (not recommended), however, please note that the maximum movie length is limited by the size of the 2GB file resulting from file format limitations.


This is a gravity sensor, it is used to detect collision or sudden braking. In this situation, the recorder will automatically protect the currently recorded file so that it is not overwritten or accidentally deleted.


Automatically secures the currently recorded file against overwriting or accidental deletion, activated by pressing the appropriate key. LONG RECORDING TIME – The size of a 3-minute movie is about 300 MB with maximum resolution and sound recording. On a 64 GB card, you can save about 10 hours of film in the highest quality. So when recording in the loop (overwriting of the oldest recordings), the user always has the last 10 hours of driving.


High quality, durable and resistant plastic housing.


Function Description
Processor NT96658
Sensor Sony IMX323, 2MP, 1/2.9
Screen 2.0 inches / 320 x 240
Lens 170° angle, 6G lens
Night vision Yes, 8 x IR diodes
Built-in speaker Yes
 Parking mode Yes
Video resolution 1920 x 1080P, 30fps
Video file format MOV, H.264
Photo resolution 12M, 4032×3024
Memory card up to 64 GB capacity, FAT32
Slots Mini USB, HDMI
Motion detector Yes
TV output Yes
Languages Polish, English, French, Spanish, Portugese, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean
Power supply internal battery / car charger 12V-24V
Audio Built-in microphone / speaker
Battery 300mA, lithium-ion
Car charger DC 5V, 1.5A


The set contains:

– Xblitz GO se
– Car charger with the wire
– Suction-grip
– USB wire
– User’s manual
– Memory card reader

 Device supports FAT32 file system!
It is advised to format the memory card used with the device to the FAT32 file system.

Using a memory card
Cards with a capacity of more than 32GB should be first formatted in the car recorder.