Xblitz Dual Core is one of the bestsellers from Xblitz. Customers admired this model for its practical use and competitive price.

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Car camera Xblitz Dual Core

Front & back dual car camera Xblitz Dual Core. Two separated camers in one set. Front camera with Full HD resolution and view-angle 170° allows for clear registration of everything that happens in front of your vehicle. Additionally, rear camera will record everything that happens in the back of your vehicle!

Xblitz Dual Core – Perfect video quality

Front camera in Xblitz Dual Core possess perfect lens equipped with 4 glazed lens which together with optic sensor OV2710 ensure a sharp, full of details video picture in FULL HD resolution (1920 x 1080p). Thanks to this solution you will notice every important details. It is essential especially in the case of collision or any other traffic incident which involves determining the course of events. Thanks to the recording, you may feel safe.

G-sensor – Automatic protection of the file

Car camer Xblitz Dual Core has a G-sensor function. It is a shock sensor, which automatically protects given recording in the moment of sudden bump.

Parking mode – Feel safe on the parking lot

The video recorder is equipped with a parking mode. This mode causes the camera to automatically turn on and start recording when a shock is detected. This is an extremely useful feature for anyone who values the safety of their car. Thanks to the parking mode you will know who hit your car when it happened parked.
Remember that the Xblitz Dual Core car recorder has two cameras, so even if someone hits your car from the back, it will be recorded.

Automatic start – You will never forget to turn the car camera off

The Xblitz Dual Core car camera supports the automatic start function. This means that as soon as you turn the key in the ignition and turn on the engine, the video recorder connected to the power supply will be immediately switch on and start working. With this feature you will never forget to turn on the recording. In addition, this system provides automatic termination of the camera when you turn off the engine.

Car camera with rear camera

The car recorder with a rear camera is a guarantee of comfortable driving, even during rush hours. A standard car camera records a picture only from in front of the vehicle. Thanks to the rear camera video recorder Xblitz Dual Core allows you to record what’s behind the car. With this set you will no longer have to worry about someone hitting the back of your car.
The rear camera in Xblitz Dual Core will help you park your car even easier in a cramped city center or a crowded shopping mall. The image is recorded in a mirror image, which will help to orientate the space of any driver used to observing the surroundings in the rearview mirror.

Technical specification

Chipset Allwinner V3S
Sensor OV2710
Lens 4glass front: 170° / back: 120°
LCD 3.0″ screen
Resolution video 1920 x 1080p; 1280 x 720p + rear camera 720 x 480
Video codec MOV
Photo resolution 12M/8M/5M/2M
Language polski, english, русский, chiński, korean, german, czech
Slots USB port, HMDI
Power supply Li-ion battery: 3.7V/120mAh
Temperature -25°C up to 85°C

All our cameras possess neither mass memory mode nor pc camera function. USB slot is designed for charging only.


Device supports FAT32 file system!
It is advised to format the memory card used with the device to the FAT32 file system.