Dash-cam, driving recorder Xblitz Classic ensures you peaceful and safe everyday driving. Essential on long holiday travels the same as while everyday driving.

Where to buy?

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Xblitz Classic

Driving recorder  Mini FULL HD DVR camera

-Evidence in case of accidents in collisions

-Efficient determining guilty of causing the accident

-No witnesses? It’s not a problem anymore

-Multifunctionality – dictaphone, video and photo camera in one device

-Evidence in reporting traffic offenses committed by other drivers

-Opportunity to record unforeseen situations


Some reason for using Xblitz Classic:

-Built-in microphone


-Resolution 1920x1080p

-WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

-Motion detector

-Loop recording

Mini camera Xblitz Classic preserves high image quality even when exposed to high light thanks to the WDR function, which adjusts the image when it is overexposed. What’s more 1920×1080 resolution will make the image clear, even when zooming.

Xblitz Classic is equipped with large, readable display. The use of the camera is facilitated by additional function keys and language selection option.


FULL HD 1920x1080p at 30 fps

Recordings can be easily played even on TV with a high screen diagonal.


Special algorithms for image illumination analysis and dynamic change of the value of underexposed and overexposed pixels provides equalization of image illumination and good visibility of blurred objects.

now carefully register the scene despite the high picture contrast. This function provides dynamic change of underexposed and overexposed pixels into the most optimal image.

Thanks to this, xblitz classic enables for accurate recording the scene in spite of the high contrast.

Built-in microphone

Very sensitive microphone clearly registering sounds from the car is an excellent solution for YouTubers. There is an option to turn off audio recording

Built-in loudspeaker

The possibility of playing recordings with sound – you can show full-value recording directly from the camera. Additionally the sound of the button will make sure you have pressed it even if you do not look at the camera


Gravity induction recording protection system sensor is an accelerometer. It measures and detects acceleration, so when sudden changes of the driving direction or speed will occur (braking, accident), camera will protect current recording against deletion.


The internal (non-replaceable) battery used has a small capacity, it is used to provide

power supply for several minutes after turning off the ignition.


In standby mode camera analyzes the image, and when detects sudden change (movement) starts recording until few seconds after motion stops


Camera turns on and starts recording automatically when the ignition is turned on and turns off few seconds after turning off the ignition. The recorder had to be connected to the cigarette lighter socket all the time (cigarette lighter socket must be energized when the ignition is turned on).


One of the most important function of dash-camera. Turning on this function allows you to set the length of the single recording (2, 3 or 5 minutes).

Turning this option off will cause continuous video recording (not recommended), the maximum movie length is 2GB resulting from file format.


Convenient mounting to the window. Xblitz classic has a stable mounting system attached to the set. Strong suction cup enables safe and durable camera installation in the car.


Immediately protect the currently recorded file from overwriting or

accidental deletion by only one button.


Digital zoom in Xblitz Classic allows to magnify videos up to 4x (it is necessary to set this option before recording)


Processor GP1248
Languages Polish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Czech
Video resolution
Max. 1920 x 1080p
Sensor GC1024
View angle
Dimensions 50 x 90 x 35 mm
Memory MicroSD memory card up to 32GB capacity, class 10th
Charger 1,0 A / 5 V
USB Mini USB 2,0
Microphone / Speaker built-in
Battery 180 mAh internal


The set contains

  • Xblitz Classic
  • Car charger with the wire 3,5m
  • Suction-grip
  • USB wire
  • User’s manual

All of our car cameras possess neither mass memory mode nor PC camera function. USB slot is designed for charging only.


Device supports FAT32 file system!
It is advised to format the memory card used with the device to the FAT32 file system.

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