Xblitz Baby Sound baby nanny will take care of your child’s safety. The set includes transmitting and receiving devices ready for immediate operation, without the need for additional installation.

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Available on: www.nowyelektronik.pl

Xblitz Baby Sound will work both at home and during travel. The Xblitz Baby Sound device can also be used to monitor elderly, sick or disabled people.


The Xblitz Baby Sound electronic baby monitor allows you to control what is happening to your child from any room inside the house, as well as outside in a range of up to 250m in an open space. Both the receiver and the transmitter are powered by batteries, and the moment of their discharge is signaled by the red LED of the power indicator.


The microphone installed in the transmitter receives the sounds issued by the child and transmits them to the receiver. The receiver has additional notification diode, which informs that the process of transmitting sound from the transmitter takes place. The Xblitz Baby Sound Receiver has a smooth volume control, so you can precisely set the intensity of the audible in relation to your surroundings.



Xblitz Baby Sound has two independent channels on which voice communication takes place and allows you to change the frequency of operation in case of local interference. The configuration is simple and only requires the switch in both devices to be switched from the off position to the common channel ch1 or ch2.


Frequency: 864MHz
Open space range: up to 250 m
Volume adjustment: Yes (fluent)
Channels quantity: 2
Acceptable temperature: 0°C up to 50°C
Power supply: 3 x 1,5V AAA

The maximum range given in the specification refers to the situation in which the device is located in an open space without obstacles and limit factors.

To estimate the actual range, you should consider reducing the range of obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver:
Brick damper: reduction of the range from 10 d0 40%
Wooden / gypsum obstacle: reduction of the range from 5 to 20%
An obstacle made of reinforced concrete: reduction of the range from 40 to 80%
Metal obstacle: reduction the range from 90 to 100%
Glass Obstruction: Reduction of the range from 10 to 20%

In addition, the reduction in the actual range may result in the presence of high power power lines as well as telephone transmitters located at a short distance from the device.

Where to buy?

Available on: www.nowyelektronik.pl


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