Do you know what you really need as a parent ?

Do you actually realize what is the core matter of happy childhood ?

Do you want to know what it means to give your offspring all of your time and heart?

It means to give…


Innovative product from Xblitz combines full-time attention with certain security and all that is happening just because you choosed to protect entirely. Because you choosed Baby Monitor – electronic nanny that ensures the new, wider dimension of your baby’s extensive concern.

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With Xblitz electronic nanny you can monitor your baby in any situation. You obtain already configured and ready for use device that needs no installation. Xblitz Baby Monitor ensures a peaceful, unworried sleep during the holiday trip, where you can take the electronic help for your kids.

You may check your baby’s sleep without using Wi-Fi or any cable connection. Xblitz Baby Monitor can be used to monitor older or disabled people, as well as our pets.


TWO-WAYS COMMUNICATION: Sonic reception and possibility of sound communication between the parent and a baby provided by ‘microphone’ button placed on the monitor. One push to make the baby hear your voice.

TEMPERATURE MONITOR: Camera contains built-in sensor that measures the temperature inside of the baby’s room and shows the value on the receiver. Complex control of the optimal heat for your baby’s sleep.

COLORFUL 2.0 INCHES SCREEN TFT LCD: 2 inches screen provides comfortable preview. Lightness illumination and screen saver timing can be set in the menu.

RANGE: Maximum direct operational range in the open space riches up to 260 meters. Optimal range of use indoor riches up to 50 meters (also between different floors or through the ceiling structure).

MOBILITY: The camera may be putted on the shelf, hanged up with the use of grips or screwed to the wall.

STABLE SIGNAL: Stable and uncluttered work provided by wireless radio communication.

NIGHT VISION: The device has a possibility to record even among total darkness. Such solution is provided by 8 built-in IR diodes. The camera receives the signal from the sensor and switches into night vision mode, if necessary. IR diodes range in total darkness riches up to 5 meters, which makes it possible to preview the whole room, not only our baby’s crib.


POWER SUPPLY: Camera inside the baby crib has to be connected with the 220V socket with the help of 2,4 meters cable added to the set. We may also charge the device with the use of built-in storage battery. Storage battery provides 8 hours of continuous work, so we can handle it with ourselves in the garden or outside the house and monitor our baby without access to 220V socket.

STANDBY MODE / VOX: Default setting provides the standby mode turned off, we may activate it in the menu selection. This mode turns the screen saver on when there is a silent in the baby’s room, so its sleep is undisturbed. Whenever your child will start to cry, the screen receiver will turn on . The time and responsivity of this mode can be set in the menu.

8 INTEGRATED LULLABIES: Dedicated button placed on the receiver turns the lullabies display on inside of the baby’s room. The device obtains 8 different melodies displayed one by one.




Screen Colorful TFT LCD 2,0 inches
Frequency 2400 MHz~2483.5 MHz
Range up to 260 m in open space, up to 50 m indoors
Night vision Yes, 8 x IR LEDs
Night vision range up to 5 m
Camera resolution 320 x 240
Power supply 230V
Mobility Yes, various assembly possibility
Microphone Yes, audio registration
Signal Very stable both ways
Two-ways communication Yes
Internal lullabies Yes, 8 different lullabies display
Standby mode Yes, VOX mode
Temperature monitor Yes, working temperature -10°C up to 50°C

The maximum range given in the specification refers to the situation in which the device is located in an open space without obstacles and limit factors.

To estimate the actual range, you should consider reducing the range of obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver:
Brick damper: reduction of the range from 10 d0 40%
Wooden / gypsum obstacle: reduction of the range from 5 to 20%
An obstacle made of reinforced concrete: reduction of the range from 40 to 80%
Metal obstacle: reduction the range from 90 to 100%
Glass Obstruction: Reduction of the range from 10 to 20%

In addition, the reduction in the actual range may result in the presence of high power power lines as well as telephone transmitters located at a short distance from the device.