Xblitz Alcontrol Ultra breathalyzer

Electrochemical breathalyzer Xblitz Alcontrol Ultra

Perfect precision and certainty of the measures guaranteed by platinum, korean sensor. 1 year of calibration free of charge together with highest quality materials made for producing this device will let you keep perfect parameters of your tests.

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Electrochemical breathalyzer Xblitz Alcontrol Ultra with platinum sensor guarantees the highest precision of measurements. We know how important the precision is in case of breathalyzer, and that is why except for a handy case protecting the device from mechanical damages, we are giving you 1 year of calibrations free of charge! Thanks to this solution you will be sure, that test results on the screen will be always real. Xblitz Alcontrol Ultra breathalyzer is made of highest quality materials such as platinum, which guranatess long lifespan and precision of the device. Readable LCD screen and sound alert make it easier to navigate and will enable easy readout of the test result. Thanks to the included 9V alkaline battery, the breathalyzer is ready to use after taking it out from the case.


Xblitz Alcontrol Ultra is a breathalyzer made for those looking for the highest quality device which at the same
time will provide the best accuracy of the measurement. The case of the device was designed based on nice in touch plastics. Underneath the shiny panel there is an indicating screen, which shows the alcohol concentration level.


Xblitz Alcontrol Ultra is equipped with platinum, electrochemical sensor produced in Korea. This sensor is characterized by better measurement accuracy in comparison with traditional, semi-conductor sensors.


Every Xblitz Alcontrol Ultra breathalyzer is covered with 1-year batch of free of charge device calibration in Xblitz service center. Periodic calibrations will allow you to keep proper measurement of the device.


Every user of Xblitz Alctontrol Ultra in the warranty period – is able to make a device calibration
free of charge in Xblitz service center. Calibrated breathalyzer is a certainty of accurate and precise measurement!


Xblitz Alcontrol Ultra is prepared for immediate use. The device will display the amount of measurements taken automatically after pressing „Power on” button and will heat-up the platinum sensor for a short while. Breathalyzer is ready to take measure after 20 seconds.


Each-time the screen shows the amount of taken measures, heat-up time of the sensor and the test results.


Signals readiness of the breathalyzer to use as well as device alerts.


– Xblitz Alcontrol Ultra
– 3 mouthpieces
– 9V battery included
– handy case

Technical specification:

Sensor: Intelligent electrochemical sensor
Accuracy: +- 0.005 per mil
Detection range: / 0.00 ~ 4.00‰ per mil
Heat-up time: 15-35 seconds
Reaction time: 3-22 seconds
Dimensions: 125mm x 56mm x 24mm
Weight: 87g (131g including battery)
Power supply: 9V alkaline battery
Calibration: Once every 6 months (or 500 measures)
Warranty: 5 years

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