Wireless bluetooth speaker Xblitz FUN

Wireless bluetooth speaker Xblitz FUN

Xblitz FUN Light & music… 

Wireless bluetooth speaker Xblitz FUN – Feel the synergy of sound and light! Effective, colourful lights will emphasise each note allowing for deeper adaption to your favorite music. Two speakers with the power of 5W guarantee highest sound quality, and thanks to the bluetooth technology in 4.2. version you will pair Xblitz FUN with your smartphone without any difficulties!

[Wireless bluetooth speaker Xblitz FUN]

Multi-coloured wireless bluetooth speaker from Xblitz!
Amuse yourself with immersive light effects and empathize with the music as never before. Music perfectly collaborating with light will get you into great mood. Especially, when you are able to select the light to your feeling and kind of music you are listening to.

Light is not everything, though, Xblitz FUN will surprise you with advanced technology including bluetooth 4.2
providing up to 10m operation range. FUN is light, remote and multifunctional. Due to the support for microSD cards and USB slot it perfectly fits as a MP3 player and external PC speaker!
Heart of bluetooth speaker Xblitz FUN is based on two speakers with the power of 5W each. Such power guarantees pure and strong sound, appreciated by each fan of good music.


Bluetooth speaker Xblitz FUN is a device you can take literally everywhere! On the beach, in the mountains, at your friends’ or under the tent – it will fulfill the space with your favorite music. Stay, where you feel good.


Find out how easy it is to transfer favorite music from the mobile, tablet or PC. Wireless speaker Xblitz FUN except for Bluetooth 4.2. standard possess classic USB port and microSD card reader, which may be fulfilled with mp3 files.


High quality sound is provided by two built-in speakers with the power of 5W each, allowing to fulfill the space with pure tones.


Thanks to the built-in battery you may enjoy music whenever you are! Enjoy your favorite tracks regardless of your current location. Battery with capacity of 1200mAh allows to play music at the medium volume for 3,5 hour!


Wireless speaker Xblitz FUN plays amazingly and creates special mood thanks to the light effect! Device may change the light to the music rythm, also possess multiple modes, which may be adjusted to your own needs. Choose toned down light when you feel like relaxing, and when the party time comes – go crazy with colours and let yourself go with the flow!
Manage the backlighting modes via one single button, or just turn them off.

Wireless bluetooth speaker Model: Xblitz Fun

Bluetooth: 4.2
Supported profiles: L2CAP/A2DP /AVCTP /AVDTP /HSP /HFP
Bluetooth range: 10 m
Max. volume: ≥ 90 db
Battery: 1200mAh – 3.7V
Music play time: up to 3 hours
Frequency: 120Hz – 20KHz
Dimensions: 84mm x 80mm x 187mm
Weight: 490g
Charging: 5V / 500mA
Ports: micro USB, USB, AUX, microSD card slot
Set contains: Xblitz FUN speaker, USB wire, mini jack – mini jack wire, user’s manual

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