Electronic breathalyzer Xblitz SPIRIT

Electronic breathalyzer Xblitz Spirit

Electronic breathalyzer means certainty of measurement guaranteed by highest quality components. Annual calibration free of charge and accessories set allowing for immediate use of the product right after the purchase! From now on you will always know whether you are able to drive a car or not…



Electronic breathalyzer Xblitz Spirit provides safety and certainty whenever you ask yourself a question: “Am I able to drive a car?”. High quality of performance together with annual unpaid calibrations will guarantee higher certainty of accurate measurement than any other unpaid, online breathalyzer which calculates the result on the basis of imprecise algorithms and not enough data. Personal electronic breathalyzer Xblitz Spirit is equipped with 5 mouthpieces providing hygenic and confortable usage of the device. Addtional 1,5V batteries included in the set allow for an immediate use of the product right after unpacking it.


Xblitz Spirit is a breathalyzer for people looking for the device with high accuracy of measurement. Housing of the device was created on the basis of nice in touch plastics. Behind the reflective panel there is located screen indicating alcohol concentration and LED tell-tale.


You are certain of high measurement accuracy in any situation.


The breathalyzer was made on the basis of high quality plastics with reflective panel.


Each breathalyzer Xblitz Spirit is covered with annual package of unpaid calibrations in Xblitz Service Centre. Periodic calibrations allow for continuation of proper measurement and device operation.


Each user of Xblitz Spirit may carry out unpaid calibrations in Xblitz Service Centre during the warranty period.


Xblitz Spirit is extremely handy and what’s important – childishly simple in use. After holding the “POWER ON” button for 40 seconds device is ready to take a measure.


Signals readiness of the breathalyzer to operate and alerts of the device.


Displays amount of already taken tests, heat-up time of the sensor, commands and test results.


Xblitz Spirit is more than just a breathalyzer. Set contains all essential accessories providing problem-free usage of the product.


Thanks to the batteries included in the set, you may start using the device immediately after unpacking it. 5 additional mouthpieces are included as well.


Model: Electronic breathalyzer Xblitz Spirit

Sensor: Advanced semiconductor sensor
Accuracy: +- 0.008% BAC
Detection range: 0.00 ~ 2.00‰
Heat-up time: 40 seconds
Acceptable humidity: < 93%
Working temperature: 0 ~ 50°C
Storage temperature: 0 ~ 50°C
Calibration: Recommended  once per 6 months (or 500 tests)
Dimensions: 123mm x 44mm x 19mm (without mouthpiece)
Weight: 95g (batteries and mouthpiece included)
Power supply: 2x 1,5V AA alkaline battery
Warranty: 5 years
Set contains: Xblitz Spirit x1, batteries x1 kpl, mouthpiece x5, user’s manual x1